Polish Briefing 18 September, 2017 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: Poland and China are performing a new opening in bilateral relations

What goes on in Poland on the 18th of September.

Buzek: There will be corridors instead of groups, but gas deliveries to Europe will be safe

We are working on the biggest package of a kind in this term. It will be eight decrees and directives concerning energy market. We will enact them this year – said prof. Jerzy Buzek during a press conference in Warsaw.

He added that in his opinion Nord Stream 2 should be comprehended by the third energy packet. – We are saying clearly that the third energy packet should be fully used. The same is said in Sweden and Denmark. Germans are scared of a strong mandate that other countries demand. I hope it is only a gossip that Poland in blocking it – he said. In his opinion, it is still not clear where Germany will stand. – We do not know what they will do. Currently a part of coalition has a negative attitude towards Nord Stream 2 and we don’t know what is going to happen after the election. Nothing is sure for now – said Buzek.

Parlamentary election in Germany will be held on the 24th of September.

Poland and China are performing a new opening in bilateral relations

Poland and China are performing a new opening in bilateral relations – said vice-minister of development Paweł Chorąży to the Polish Press Agency on Friday, before opening the China-Central and Eastern Europe development forum.

– We have enhanced our relations to the range of comprehensive strategic partnership – said the vice minister.

He added that prime minister Beata Szydło’s visit in Beijing in May is „a clear signal that we wanted to convey to the Chinese side that relations with them have a great importance to us”. He also said that „today’s forum is a perfect opportunity to think how to make our cooperation more optimal and beneficial for both sides. I’m glad that this event gathers representatives of administration and business, as well as the world of sciences from Central and Eastern Europe. The discussed matter concerns all of us and voice of every environment should be taken into consideration – he stressed.

Russian-Belorussian Zapad 17 exercises have started

Russian Ministry of Defense informed that strategic Russian-Belorussian military exercises have started on Thursday. They will take place in six firing ranges in Belarus and three in Russia, including 12 700 soldiers from both countries altogether.

The ministry reported that commands of groups and units have been given guidelines of general headquarters of Belarus and Russia with an order to „fulfill practice-combat tasks”.

Manouvers „are commanded by heads of general headquarters of Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus military forces and are an ending stage of a common arm forces preparation. They are defensively orientated and are not targeted against any country or a group of countries” – ensured the ministry.

Both Belorussian and Russian army and equipment is supposed to come back to their firmed dislocation spots until the 30th of September.