Polish Briefing: Poland is open to any gas source | Nuclear energy instead of gas overdependence?


What goes in Poland on 9th of August?

Poland wants to stay independent from Gazprom but is open to natural gas from any direction

“Our strategic goal is to become independent from natural gas supply from the East, and to avoid a situation we have encountered multiple times in the past. While diversifying our natural gas sources we do not want to completely cut off any providers, instead we are increasing our options, which translates to greater state security,” Paweł Majewski, CEO of PGNiG, the Polish state-owned gas company, told the Rzeczpospolita daily.

Nuclear fuel as a remedy to natural gas overdependence?

According to the Civic Movement for Nuclear Energy NGO from Poland, accelerating the Polish Nuclear Energy Program is a way to phase-out coal, and avoid increasing the dependence on natural gas in the meantime. “The main postulate from our memorandum is that we need a political consensus on nuclear energy development in Poland and a radical acceleration of this program. The necessary shutdown of the oldest 200 MW coal units would be done gradually, and those units would be replaced mainly with new nuclear generation,” Jerzy Lipka from the Civic Movement says.

Wojciehc Jakóbik