Polish Briefing 15 February, 2018 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: Poland is interested in gas supplies from Lebanon. A possible deal for KGHM

What goes on in Poland on the 15th of February.

Morawiecki: Poland is interested in gas supplies from Lebanon

One of the topics of the talks of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki during the meeting with his Lebanese counterpart Saad Hariri, were the possibilities offered by the gas fields to which the Lebanese have access.

The head of government said that he talked with the Prime Minister of Lebanon also about economic cooperation, including developing cooperation in the field of gas transport from Lebanon to Poland. – We talked about this potential way of gas supply. It is very important for Poland that we have more diversified sources of gas supply than today – said Morawiecki.

He stressed, however, that gas resources in Lebanon will be exploited in about three years’ time. – We are interested in cooperation, although we are not forced to it. We have an LNG terminal in Świnoujście – we intend to expand it, among other things, to receive gas supplies from many places around the world, including the United States. And in the future I can also imagine gas from the eastern part of the Mediterranean coast – said the Prime Minister.

Poland will reach a trillion PLN at the bottom of the Atlantic. There is a deal that may be interesting for KGHM

– We signed a contract for gelology research, exploration and recognition in the Polish area of ​​the Central Atlantic. The contract was signed with the International Sea-bed Organization – Deputy Minister of the Environment, Chief National Geologist Mariusz Orion Jędrysek said at a press conference. This may allow Poland to extract valuable metals that are attractive to KGHM.

Last year Poland obtained the right to test the raw material plot on the Atlantic, which is supervised by the International Sea-bed Authority. It is a UN agency that manages two thirds of the ocean floor resources. Last year, the deputy minister of the environment and the main geologist of the country, prof. Mariusz Orion Jędrysek announced that Poland had negotiated a contract with the International Sea-bed Authority to recognize the deposits on the Mid-Atlantic rift. It may contain metal deposits that may be attractive, among others for the Polish raw material giant KGHM.

– Signing a contract for the search for polymetallic sulphides in the mid-Atlantic rift zone with the the International Sea-bed Authority includes Poland in the elite group of countries already owning exploration plots in the Atlantic Ocean – stressed Deputy Minister Jędrysek.