Polish Briefing 14 June, 2022 7:30 am   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: Poland may have 21,5 GW of wind energy | Poland will fill its gas storage facilities and plans to expand them to 4 bcm


What goes on in Poland on the 14th of June.

Poland may have 21,5 GW of wind energy

The authors of the report on Polish wind energy argue that Russia’s attack on Ukraine is another argument for its development, also by liberalizing the distance act in order to free windmills on land. Poland may have up to 21.5 GW of wind energy in 2030. The government started work on a relevant act.

– The report was created thanks to the knowledge and experience of experts from the Polish Wind Energy Association – the largest non-governmental organization that works for the dynamic development of RES, the consulting company TPA / Baker Tilly TPA and the DWF law firm, specializing in consulting and legal care, offering the highest quality services for the energy sector – write the authors of the report. – Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine is accelerating the energy transformation in Europe, and other countries are declaring increased development and a faster transition to renewable energy. In Poland, too, the basis of energy security must be the rapid reduction of our dependence on fossil fuels and the elimination of energy supplies from Russia as soon as possible. Today, it is in the national best interest to prioritize the development of renewable energy. The more RES in the system, the lower the consumption of coal and gas. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately unblock the development of onshore wind energy, which has been limited by the 10H rule since 2016. Wind has enormous potential as the cheapest source of energy.

Poland will fill its gas storage facilities and plans to expand them to 4 bcm

Gas storage facilities in Poland are 96 percent full. They are supposed to be full in July. Poland is to increase the storage capacity to 4 billion cubic meters.

The president of Gas Storage Poland, Błażej Wojnicz, revealed during the National Economic Summit 2022 that Poland will have full gas storage facilities during the holidays. – It is difficult to judge, but in July we should fill the gas storage facilities. Normally such an operation is carried out later, but the obvious circumstances prompted us to act faster, ‘he said. The president referred in this way to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which prompted Poles to fill their storage facilities faster in the event of problems with gas supplies.

According to the president of Gas Storage Poland, the implementation of the EU target of filling warehouses to 80 percent of capacity by November 2022 will not be a problem for his company, as well as reaching 90 percent of each subsequent year in line with the assumptions of the EU REPowerEU.