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Polish Briefing: Poland supports the directions of Fit For 55 and calls for more funds for transformation and increasing the role of gas

What goes on in Poland on the 15th of July.

Poland supports the directions of Fit For 55 and calls for more funds for transformation and increasing the role of gas

The Fit For 55 package of EU regulations is the basis for the implementation of the updated EU target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent by 2030. – The new goal is a challenge, but also an opportunity to carry out a just transformation of the economy in Poland, including with the support of EU funds – emphasizes the Ministry of Climate and Environment (MKiŚ). The ministry, however, calls for recognition of gas in the transformation process, and the industry, through the mouth of the Polish Electricity Association (PKEE), calls for an increase in funds for the energy transition.

Pros of Fit For 55

The Ministry of Climate and Environment emphasizes that the set of 13 legislative acts includes many elements that meet the Polish demands presented on the EU forum in recent months, including:

– maintaining the redistributive elements in the ETS in the form of a solidarity pool and increasing the Modernization Fund,
– preservation of free allowances in the ETS,
– retaining the criteria for allocating Member States’ obligations in sectors not covered by the ETS;
– creating a new fund to mitigate the risk of increasing energy poverty,
– introduction of a border tax for emissions.

Cons of Fit For 55

The Ministry emphasizes that doubts are raised, however, by issues related to the deeper addressing of the issue of imbalance in the ETS for beneficiaries of the Modernization Fund. – The currently proposed solutions in this area are not sufficient and therefore we will continue talks on this matter with the European Commission and other Member States – argues the ministry.

The Ministry also expresses its doubts as to the legitimacy and effectiveness of introducing the system of trading in allowances for transport and buildings. – Such a solution, without introducing appropriate security mechanisms, may hit the poorest social groups affected by energy poverty. Poland will not agree to any solution that will take place at the expense of the weakest social groups – we read in the ministry’s press release. – Poland will look for alternative solutions to such a system or measures to mitigate the effects of its introduction – adds the ministry.

The ministry also emphasizes the lack of recognition of the role of gas as a transitional fuel in the funds proposed by the European Commission. – For Poland, it is a key transition fuel constituting a necessary part of a just energy transition. The specific role of gas should be recognized in particular in the taxonomy. Poland does not see the possibility of implementing the target without recognizing the role of gas at this transition stage – emphasizes the ministry in a press release.