Polish Briefing 13 October, 2017 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: Poland wants a stable partner for nuclear power

What goes on in Poland on the 13th of October.

Naimski: Russian gas is always expensive

Independence from Russian gas is a strategic goal for Poland. For this purpose Norwegian Corridor is being realized. It is supposed to ensure gas deliveries from Norway through Poland and further south.

– Russian gas is always more expensive for Poland, because the price is dictated by Russian administration from a political level and it is never a market price. A couple of days ago, one of Gazprom’s vice-heads said there is no reason to lower gas prices for Poland because Poland has no alternative for Russian deliveries. We are currently creating such alternative – said Naimski, stressing that Russia is „outside of civilized recourses economy”. He reminded multiply repeating situations when deliveries were limited or suspended.

Naimski added that there is a political consensus around this project. Baltic Pipe is supposed to be finished by 2022.

Internal Security Service (ABW) expelled a Russian citizen out of Poland

Polish services expelled Dmitriy K., an employee of Russian Institute of Strategic Studies in Moscow who was supposed to have worked with Russian services. The Institute got famous by publishing a list of „russophobic Polish media”, including

The man has been excluded from Poland on Wednesday. – According to ABW, the man led activities aimed to harm Polish interests, he initiated elements of hybrid war in Poland, he also kept in touch with Russian secret services.

Russian Institute of Strategic Studies published a list of the most russophobic media and journalists. and its Editor-in-chief Wojciech Jakóbik had been found on it. – I write a lot about Russia, like other authors on the list. Perhaps this is enough for Putin’s regime to recognize me as a threat. Truth is the strongest weapon – commented Jakóbik.

Piotrowski: Poland wants a stable partner for nuclear power

Poland wants a stable partner forbidding a nuclear power plant. Minister Piotrowski rates particular energy deliverers from this point of view.

Vice-minister of energy Andrzej Piotrowski took part in a Congress of New Industry in Warsaw. He convinced that there are a lot of myths around energy that make government’s work on such project more difficult.

– The tender will have two stages. First, something that reminds a technical consultations, and then booking conditions will be established. In the second stage, we will be able to rate cost and logistic propositions by comparing parameters – said the vice-minister.