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Polish Briefing: Poland will promote PV installations over the mineral deposits | Italian giant finished its work on Baltic Pipe

Castorone.-Jeden-z-budowniczych-Baltic-Pipe-fot.-Saipem-590×2000 Castorone. Photo: Saipem

What goes in Poland on 10th of August?

Poland will promote PV installations on top of mineral deposits

Poland’s Chief Geologist has announced that a law is being prepared to enable the construction of PV farms on top of documented mineral deposits. 

The Geological and mining act is being revised to allow solar farms to be constructed over documented mineral deposits in a wider effort to legally protect them against excessive urbanization. According to the new law, in order to ensure that it will be possible to extract the minerals in the future, a ban on constructing buildings nearby the deposits will be imposed. At the same time, it will be allowed to build PV farms with a life-span of 15-25 years on top of the deposits.

Italian giant finished its work on Baltic Pipe

The biggest construction ship in Italy’s Saipem’s fleet – the Castorone left the Baltic Sea on the 9th of August. It is heading back to Rotterdam after successfully placing 150 km of the Baltic Pipe in the Baltic Sea. It was responsible for the works in the deepest parts of the sea. 

Saipem’s other ship – Castoro Sei is heading to the Polish Exclusive Economic Zone to lay pipes in shallow waters.

Wojciech Jakóbik