Polish Briefing 7 December, 2022 7:30 am   

Polish Briefing: Polish-German friendship will bring oil supplies from outside Russia | Poland hoped to import power from Ukraine, now it needs to export it


What goes on in Poland on the 7th of December.

Polish-German friendship will bring oil supplies from outside Russia

The Druzhba (Friendship) oil pipeline section between Poland and Germany will in the future be used for the supply of non-Russian oil from the port in Gdańsk to the two countries. Talks between Berlin and Warsaw are underway, and the Polish oil pipeline operator PERN describes the prospect of using its asset.

Germany’s Deputy Minister of Economy and Climate Michael Kellner talked in Warsaw about the plan to abandon oil from Russia by his country and Poland by the end of 2022, as declared by governments of both countries. The infrastructure necessary for the development of non-Russian supplies is ready, thanks to PERN’s long-term investments, which were dictated by the needs of customers, such as Polish PKN Orlen or foreign companies. Recently, there has been a test supply of oil from outside Russia to the Schwedt Refinery, which is at the center of speculation about Poland’s possible involvement in the shareholding of this one of the two East German refineries after the removal of Rosneft Deutschland from Germany, following the example of the de-Russification of the Italian refinery in Sicily where Lukoil’s shares were stripped.

– The core activity of PERN is the provision of pipeline transmission services and storage of fuels and crude oil. PERN does not own crude oil or fuels. It is PERN customers, as product owners, who decide to whom and in what quantity they sell fuel – explains the operator. – PERN is prepared to introduce a total embargo on the supply of the fuel from Russia. During the last six years we have been pursuing investments in infrastructure so as to, on the one hand, respond to the needs of customers, but at the same time assure an even higher level of energy security.

– PERN has significantly increased its capacity in terms of crude oil storage. We built new tanks at the base in Gdańsk and the Oil Terminal in Gdańsk. In total, crude oil capacities increased by almost 600 thousand cubic meters. It is no coincidence that these capacities appeared on the Baltic Sea, because this is where our customers locate their plans when it comes to supplying Poland with the raw material, informs PERN in response to questions from – Thanks to the oil port, we are able to function without Russian oil and also support German refineries within the available capacity of the terminal. This means further use of the western section of the Druzhba oil pipeline running to Germany, which will be supplied with crude oil flowing from Gdańsk, says the company.

Poland counted on energy from Ukraine, but now prepares to export it there

Russia’s missile attacks have changed the perspective of cross-border cooperation between Poland and Ukraine. Warsaw was counting on Ukrainian energy, but the destruction of the energy sector caused by Russian attacks means that it is rather Kyiv that will need electricity from Poland.

– Poland supports Ukraine on an ongoing basis in the area of energy, both by providing the necessary equipment and coordinating European support in this area, as well as supporting Ukraine in the process of synchronizing the power system of Ukraine and Moldova with the power system of continental Europe and increasing the possibilities of cross-border exchange of electricity between Ukraine and countries of the European Union – explains the Ministry of Climate and Environment of the Republic of Poland.

– At present, power transmission system operators are working on developing rules for electricity trading and energy transmission for the purpose of exporting it to Ukraine. However, it should be noted that the possibilities of exporting electricity to Ukraine are inextricably linked to the technical possibilities of energy transmission through the network infrastructure. Along with the progress in its repair and reconstruction on the Ukrainian side, the possibilities of exporting electricity to Ukraine will increase, emphasizes the Ministry of Climate.