Polish Briefing 13 October, 2021 8:00 am   

Polish Briefing: Poorest energy recipients will receive compensation for the increase in energy prices | Poland signed a letter in defense of nuclear energy


What goes on in Poland on the 13th of October.

Poorest energy recipients will receive compensation for the increase in energy prices

“In the coming days, a draft law on supporting the poorest energy recipients should be presented,” said Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Piotr Dziadzio. We know who can count on the support.

“The Ministry of Climate and Environment is responsible for introducing solutions that could protect the poorest recipients. We are working intensively on such an act. I think it will see the light of day in the next few days. The bill is still undergoing some internal consultations,” Dziadzio said during a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy, Climate and State Assets.

The project provides that the support will cover people who receive a housing allowance, permanent allowance, periodic allowance, pensioners with a benefit below the minimum retirement pension, old-age and disability pensioners with the benefit equal to the lowest retirement pension, Big Family Card holders who are in the first tax threshold and are currently raising three children, people with the lowest income in accordance with the recommendations of the World Bank (as included in the Clean Air program – for multi-person households PLN 890 per person, for single households PLN 1250 per person).

The Minister of Climate and the Environment, Michał Kurtyka, had previously informed that the provisions on the protection of vulnerable customers against energy price increases are to apply from 2022.

Poland has signed a letter in defense of nuclear energy

Poland and Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, France, Finland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary signed a letter addressed to European decision makers by French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, highlighting the contribution of nuclear energy to efforts to decarbonize and ensure a stable energy supply.

The letter entitled “Why us Europeans must treat nuclear energy on an equal footing with other low-carbon sources” was published on October 11, 2021 in the largest European newspapers.

The piece emphasized the role of nuclear power in ensuring energy independence and stable energy prices, which is particularly important in the time of the ongoing energy crisis. It says that “nuclear energy is a key, affordable, stable and independent energy source”, because it protects Europeans against being “exposed to the volatility of prices”.

The signatories also claimed that nuclear power “makes a decisive contribution to the independence of our energy and electricity supply. It is available zero-emission energy that can provide a large amount of competitive electricity without increasing our dependence on energy supplies from third countries. “