Polish Briefing 20 April, 2022 7:30 am   
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Polish Briefing: Progress on liberation of onshore wind energy | Poland will stop importing LPG from Russia

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What goes on in Poland on the 20th of April.

Progress on liberation of onshore wind energy

The distance act, which is to be liberalized in order to accelerate the development of onshore wind energy, has already been formally transferred from the Ministry of Development to the climate and the environment.

Waldemar Buda, the Minister of Development and Technology, decided to transfer the distance act to the Ministry of Climate led by Minister Anna Moskwa. The relevant document in this matter has already been signed, according to

Poland will stop importing LPG from Russia

Liberalization of the distance act applies to the 10H rule limiting the possibility of building onshore wind farms to a few percent of the country’s area where it is possible to locate such installations at a distance of 10 times greater than their height. The changes prepared in the Ministry of Development assumed that decisions in this matter would be transferred to the local government level. The green light of local authorities could accelerate the development of renewable energy sources in Poland, which has good conditions for the development of onshore wind farms.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, a day after the Sejm rejected the proposal to impose an embargo on Russian LPG, announced that Poland would resign from importing it by the end of the year. – We are giving up LPG by the end of the year, we are preparing the infrastructure and import directions – he said.

The prime minister also noted that Poland has taken decisive steps to move away from Russian hydrocarbons. – LPG, i.e. gas used by over three million car users, as well as for heating homes, will also be subject to the same restrictions and restrictions that we proposed along with the radical departure from hydrocarbons – said Mateusz Morawiecki.