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Polish Briefing: Renewable boom in Poland continues | Poland wants to prevent nuclear project delay


What goes in Poland on 21st of July?

Renewable boom in Poland continues

In the second half of July the number of prosumers in Poland surpassed 650 thousand. There were 566 208 renewable microinstalations. The capacity of prosumer installations reached 3694 MW, and including big zero emission sources it topped at 4 973 MW.

According to the Polish Energy Market Agency (ARE) at the end of May 2021, the PV capacity in Poland reached 4 973,1 MW. It was an increase by 119,8 percent in comparison to the same month a year earlier.

Poland wants to prevent nuclear project delay

The Ministry of Climate and Environment is preparing new regulations that are to shorten the schedule of nuclear power plant construction by a year or year and a half, and decrease the costs connected to its localization.

The revision of the Act on investment in nuclear energy sector and accompanying investments, aka the nuclear special act, is to speed-up the investment process and by doing so, limit the risks of delay. Poland is to have its first nuclear reactor in 2033. The act is also to curb the localization costs by limiting it to no more than PLN 50 mln for every localization survey.

Wojciech Jakóbik