Polish Briefing 14 September, 2017 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: A reversal in Polish energy policy is still ahead of us

What goes on in Poland on the 14th of September.

Śniegocki: A reversal in Polish energy policy is still ahead of us

– Minister Tchórzewski declared that the Ostrołęka power plant would be the last new coal plant is certainly a footstep in a right direction, but it certainly is not a reversal. Rather a suspension of a march against European trends – said Aleksander Śniegocki, expert of WiseEuropa. – Minister said that nuclear energy will be a successor of coal, but it is an understatement; there is a big time hole between building Ostrołęka power plant and earliest possible start of nuclear power plant construction. We will have to build new powers and modernize old ones in between, but the minister didn’t mention anything concrete.

Dybowski: Part of contracts on green energy purchase had been concluded illegally

Gdańsk’s Energa decided to initiate proceedings – judicial and arbitrage in order to determine legal relationships that could be created through concluding 22 framework agreements selling fortune by the company with the generators of renewable energy sources – says CEO of Energa – Obrót, Jarosław Dybowski. The company instead of incuring the additional losses will reduce them. This will have a markedly positive effect on the company and shareholders.

Ministry of National Defense will carefully watch Russian-Belarussian Zapad 17 exercises

Russian-Belorussian military exercises will take place on 14th-20th September in Belarus and Kaliningrad Oblast. They will officially gather 13 thousand soldiers. It is though not known what the scale of the exercises and actual amount of involved forces and measures.

– Exercies Zapad-17 leads to concern among NATO Member States (and Poland) due to the way of informing by russian site about the course of maneuvers. This is very probable that the number of soldiers will be bigger than the Zapad-17 declares – informed press office of Ministry of Defense in our interview.

Polish electric car getting close. Will Poles like them?

During gala in Hilton hotel in Warsaw four winning projects were presented on spring announces contest for bodywork of polish electric car. ElectroMobility Poland was the organizer of the contest – a company created between 2016 and 2017 providing an answer of four biggest energy companies  for government plans of electromobility development program.

– I can fully believe that this project will succeed. We will see the bodywork and in the same time next year we’ll see the prototype – said the minister. He stressed that this is the first moment for years that Poland can get out of technological backwardness and show it has recourses to create new projects. At the end of his speech, Tchórzewski said that he „hopes that this will be the car that Poles will like”.