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Polish Briefing: Senate rejects bill on NABE I Poland’s gas storage facilities full at 97%

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What goes in Poland on 8th of September.

Senate rejected the bill on financial guarantees for the National Energy Security Agency (NABE).

The Senate rejected the bill on financial guarantees for the National Energy Security Agency (NABE). It seems likely that without the guarantees the Agency for which energy companies are counting so much will not be established.

“On Thursday the Senate has rejected a bill on providing financial guarantees for the obligations of the National Energy Security Agency. There were 50 senators in favor of the rejection, 38 against,” the Polish Press Agency reported.

On August 17, 2023, the law on guarantees needed by the National Energy Security Agency was adopted by the Sejm. The guarantees for the liabilities, which are to go to the National Energy Security Agency along with coal assets, were supposed to speed up the process of its creation.

The date of birth of the Agency, which is supposed to operate in the form of a holding company that gathers the coal assets of PGE, Tauron, Enea and Energi, has already been postponed several times. According to the original plans, the parliament was supposed to adopt the above-mentioned law in the current term, but many indicate that this will not happen. According to information obtained by an additional session of the Sejm on this issue is on the table.

Polish Press Agency / Jędrzej Stachura

Polish gas storage facilities are full at 97 percent.

Gas Storage Poland reports has reported the storage facilities are full at 97%. Since April 2023, the amount of stored gas has been gradually increasing.

Gas Storage Poland has reported the storage facilities are full at 97% (on 6 September). It is worth noting that in mid-April, Polish stocks were at the level of 50 percent. August ended with 96%.

Such a high storage level means that Poland is successful at achieving the target set by EU member states. Due  to the Russian invasion on Ukraine and the growing energy prices, the EU pnliged its members to fill up their underground gas storage facilities. They aim is to fill them at least at 85 percent by the first of November 2023. In the coming years, the target will be 90 percent.

Gas Storage Poland, a special purpose vehicle of PGNiG, is the operator of the storage system in Poland. One of its main tasks is managing the capacity, operating and maintaining the storage facilities.

Gas Storage Poland / Jędrzej Stachura