Polish Briefing 25 November, 2022 7:30 am   

Polish Briefing: Income criterion for gas price freeze | President inks act on facilitating development of Poland’s offshore


What goes on in Poland on the 25th of November.

The government may introduce an income criterion when freezing gas prices

– Income criteria? The prime minister is considering this option. We have income criteria in some aid instruments in this crisis, in others we do not. There is an analysis to what extent this criterion is possible in this case – said Artur Soboń from the Ministry of Finance on Radio ZET when asked about the issue of freezing gas prices.

– We wanted to launch the allowances quickly and efficiently, so that those who use wood, heating oil and coal could obtain subsidies as soon as possible – informed Artur Soboń from the Ministry of Finance on Radio ZET. – Indeed, we are wondering what this solution will look like in the end – he said about the gas price freeze.

The President has signed an act that will facilitate the development of offshore in Poland

The president approved changes to the offshore act. The new regulations include simplified procedures for the development of offshore wind energy.

On Thursday, November 24, the president signed a new version of the Act on Offshore Wind Energy. This is to facilitate procedures for investments in the offshore industry.

The amendment to the act mentions the maritime areas of Poland and the maritime administration, it modifies the regulations on issuing permits and using artificial islands, structures and devices in Polish maritime areas. Permits for laying cables and their maintenance, as well as the maintenance of pipes that evacuate power, have also been regulated.

The amendments also enable applicants to submit documents necessary for the construction permitting procedure online.