Polish Briefing 18 February, 2022 7:30 am   

Polish Briefing: A new player joined the fight for Polish offshore | Another storm and another record for wind energy


What goes on in Poland on the 18th of February.

The new player joined the fight for the Polish offshore

The fight for location permits in the Polish sea is gaining momentum. Recently, PKN Orlen and Polska Grupa Energetyczna submitted new license applications, but more companies are joining the battle for a piece of the sea to build wind farms. On February 14, a new entity submitted an application.

Currently, the most (10) license applications have been submitted by entities from the PKN Orlen Group. The Polish Energy Group, which has so far submitted seven such applications, is also taking part in the fight for locations.

However, the battle will be waged by more companies, as Vistra Shelf Companies, associated with subsidiaries – Ondentille Inestments, Lomartico Investments and Medsteville Inestments, entered the game. The new entity submitted a total of eleven applications for nine areas – these are the same areas that PKN Orlen and PGE are already applying for.

Another storm and another record for wind energy

On Wednesday evening, the wind turbines broke a new record – almost 6.72 GWh power generated. The previous one, set in January, was over 6.64 GWh – according to data published by Polskie Sieci Elektorenergetyczne (PSE).

The result came in the daily reports on the National Power System and the Balancing Market, published by PSE. The previous January record was over 6.64 GWh. The scale of wind energy production was the result of a strong wind blowing over Poland from Wednesday evening.

According to the data of the Energy Market Agency from December 31, 2021, the installed capacity of wind farms amounted to 7116.7 MW, so it increased compared to December of the previous year by 11 percent. The installed capacity of renewable energy sources is almost 17 GW. Wind farms account for 42 percent of this amount.