Polish Briefing 4 May, 2020 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: Italian Saipem will build Baltic Pipe

What goes on in Poland on the 4th of May.

An Italian company Saipem received a contract from Gaz-System for the construction of the Baltic Pipe offshore gas pipeline. The contract value is EUR 280 million.

The contract covers the laying of a 275 km gas pipeline at depths between four and 57 meters. The pipeline will be laid using the S-lay method. The contract also includes the implementation of microtunnels, construction works on the waterfronts of Denmark and Poland, and test filling of the gas pipeline after it has been laid.

The investment will be completed by October 2022. The annual capacity of the gas pipeline will be 10 billion cubic meters.

The Sejm supports the implementation of the gas directive, which will hit Nord Stream 2

The Sejm adopted an amendment to the Energy Law implementing the provisions of the revised gas directive, which is to subordinate the disputed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to the law.

The gas directive forces all projects completed after May 2019 to implement the provisions of the third energy package providing for the appointment of an independent operator, independent tariff setting and free third party access to capacity.

The amendment will now be directed to the Senate. reported that the implementation of the gas directive is delayed. The date of its incorporation into national law in Poland expired on February 24, 2020.

Lithuania offers Belarus access to gas through Poland

The Lithuanian Minister of Energy expressed readiness to supply gas to Belarus using the Poland-Lithuania Gas Pipeline and with the cooperation of the Russians in exchange swaps.

– Lithuania is open to cooperation, so if Belarus diversifies the supply of energy, oil and gas, we can start talks if there is interest in Belarus – said Minister Żyginamntas Vaiciunas. – The infrastructure currently under construction is being created in order to connect our gas market with Poland and Europe, but if necessary and joint interest, it can also be used to supply gas to Belarus – he said.

Ukraine offers Poland help in case of problems with Russia after the end of the transmission contract

The Ukrainian gas transmission pipeline operator OGTSU informs that it is ready to deliver gas to Poland in the event of problems with supplies from Russia after the expiry of the transmission contract on May 18, 2020.

– To prepare for possible developments, a number of tests have been conducted with gas dealers in the direction of Slovakia-Poland and Ukraine-Poland. They confirmed the possibility of providing Poland with full demand in the event of interruption or reduction of delivery from the Russian Federation – informs Serhiy Makogon, president of OGTSU. In his opinion, this is proof that Ukraine remains an important element of Europe’s energy security.