Polish Briefing 24 August, 2022 7:30 am   

Polish Briefing: US ambassador to Poland on Westinghouse’s nuclear offer | Government to give regions PLN 13.7 bln to mitigate the energy crisis


What goes on in Poland on the 24th of August.

US ambassador to Poland on Westinghouse nuclear offer

The US ambassador to Poland released a statement on the offer for the construction of an NPP in Poland, which, according to Westinghouse, is to be presented by the US government in the next few days. He argues that Polish-American cooperation on the nuclear power plant would be a signal to Russia that the times of energy blackmail are over.

– The US Embassy can proudly support Westinghouse-Bechtel’s offer for the implementation of the Polish Nuclear Power Program – Ambassador Mark Brzeziński wrote in a statement. In his opinion, Poland will receive the best technology – the AP1000 reactor and the NPP will be built “on time and on budget” by Bechtel, which in its 120-year history has built 150 nuclear power plants across the world.

– The duration of this project could not have been of great importance. Abroad, Russia is waging its brutal and unfair war against Ukraine, and around the world the Kremlin manipulates energy markets, threatening the energy security of our friends and allies. In the meantime, the impact of climate change becomes more and more visible every day – wrote Brzeziński.

The government will provide local governments with PLN 13.7 billion to mitigate the energy crisis

Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, has presented the act on support for the heating market. “We know the situation is extremely tough, but we are trying to take advantage of the good budget situation to help citizens,” he said at a press conference. He blames the energy crisis on Vladimir Putin, and his attack on Ukraine.

– Municipal heating costs must be cheaper – said the prime minister. – This law has one feature. The subsidy is very high, it exceeds the wildest expectations of local government officials. It is very flexible. The funds that we allocate to local governments is PLN 13.7 billion, and can be spent flexibly – he said. The amendment to the act on local government revenues is to give additional revenues to the budgets of these units and offer, among others, subsidies to heating bills that local governments need to cover.