Polish Briefing 3 November, 2017 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: US sanctions on Nord Stream 2 can stop being toothless

What goes on in Poland on the 3rd of November.

Pipelines and a power line blown up in Crimea

Explosions of two pipelines and a power line happened at night between 31st of October and 1st of November were an effect of a sabotage – rated Russian Federal Security Service. The attack took place around Alushta town, near Yalta.

According to „Kommersant” daily, three individual proceedings are being conducted in case of attacks. According to FSS, identities of the suspected are being established.

As effect of explosions, 3 thousand Crimea inhabitants remain without gas. Because of the damage, energy was delivered through other lines.

Security of gas and energy networks, as well as railway stations and airports has been strengthened. According to „Kommersant”, reparation works on pipelines have already started.

US sanctions on Nord Stream 2 can stop being toothless

Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Marek Magierowski talked in Washington about a possibility of blocking the construction of Nord Stream 2. After his visit in the department of state, he expressed a hope that the project will be torpedoed.

Marek Magierowski met the Undersecretary of State Wess Mitchell and Energy representative Sue Saarnio. Vice-minister informed that the talk concerned new bill on sanctions against Russia. It gives the US president a possibility to torpedo the Nord Stream 2 project.

– This is a priority of our government. We have a consensus with the opposition that Nord Stream 2 project is a threat not only for Poland, but for the whole region – said Magierowski. He expressed his hope that the bill on sanctions against Russia will be used – as he said – for sinking the project.