Polish Briefing 24 October, 2017 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: USA advises against cooperation with Iran. A signal for Poland

What goes on in Polandon the 24th of October.

Merkel admitted that Nord Stream 2 is about politics

In a response to Polish prime minister Szydło’s accusation of politicizing Nord Stream 2, Angela Merkel admitted that the investment criticized in Central and Eastern Europe „has its political aspect”. It took place during the last EU summit. At the same time Merkel refused the EC the right to negotiate in the name of Community the rules of subjecting the project to EU law. Its critics claim that it should be wholly subjected to it. Defenders do not recognize sovereignty of EU law over the sea part.

Nord Stream 2 project is criticized as a political tool of dividing Europe, undermining its anti-monopolist laws, and Russian Gazprom is criticized for undermining common EU energy policy. Its defenders claim that the undertaking is clearly about business and EC should not interfere with it.

EC President Jean Claude Juncker admitted that „several EU states” support Brussels’ intervention in case of Nord Stream 2, but it lacks unanimity.

USA advises against cooperation with Iran. A signal for Poland informed that representatives of Polish companies unofficially confirm that the reason why oil deliveries from Iran to Poland have not happened is US objection, as its relations with Teheran are getting worse. This was confirmed by an official statement of secretary of state, Rex Tillerson.

Tillerson warned international companies that their cooperation with Iranian Revolutionary Guard is „on their own risk”. That was his comment on activities of companies that wanted to invest in Iran after nuclear agreement that cancelled sanctions. PGNiG, Orlen and Lotos were among companies that initiated negotiations on oil deliveries deals.

During his visit in Saudi Arabia, American secretary of state called on creating an alliance with Iraq against Iran and joining to unilateral US sanctions towards this country. – Both Saudi Arabia and Iraq confirm that making business with the Revolutionary Guard, no matter if the companies are European or others, causes a big risk – said Tillerson.

It confirms unofficial information of from 2015. Polish managers signaled that US policy may block new deals in Iran.

Poland and Ukraine to cooperate in building Via Carpatia

Memorandum on cooperation in building Via Carpatia route has been signed by the minister of infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk and his Ukrainian equivalent Volodymyr Omelyan in Przemyśl on Sunday.

– This memorandum is a confirmation our eastern neighbor’s support for this big project. This is a life project for countries of Central and Eastern Europe who will benefit from it – Adamczyk said.

– It is utterly important and this is our goal because it gives chances for realization of Via Carpatia which will connect the Baltic Sea with Aegean Sea, and through spurs – with Adriatic and Black Sea. Via Carpatia will connect our regions and give it a hope for a dynamic economic growth – said the minister.