Polish Briefing 7 June, 2021 9:45 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: What’s next with Baltic Pipe? | Energy sector’s trade unions want their own social agreement


What goes on in Poland on the 7th of June.

The Danes need a few days to answer the question of what’s next with Baltic Pipe

The Danish transmission system operator Energinet is in close contact with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. The activities of this agency concern the analysis and issuance of a new environmental permit. – Energinet is still assessing the consequences of the appeal committee’s decision – informs the Danish side in an interview with The evaluation may take approximately 10 days.

The Danish transmission system operator, in response to’s questions, emphasizes that the revocation of the environmental permit covers only Energinet’s land works in Denmark. – It does not include the landfall work performed by Gaz-System in Faxe Syd in Denmark or other work of the Polish operator. Energinet is in close contact with the authorities and explains the consequences of the ruling for the Baltic Pipe project – explains the company in response to our questions.

Gaz-System, the second investor in the project, informs that construction works in the Baltic Pipe project, for which the company is responsible, carried out both onshore and in the Baltic Sea, are progressing smoothly and are carried out according to the schedule. The decision of the Danish appeals committee does not affect the implementation of the Baltic Pipe project by Gaz-System, the Polish company emphasizes Gaz-System is responsible for the construction of the offshore gas pipeline connecting Poland with Denmark, and the expansion of the transmission system in Poland. In the case of the compressor station on the island of Zeeland near Faxe, this task will be financed 64 percent by Gaz-System and 36 percent by Energinet.

Energy sector’s trade unions are preparing a demonstration in Warsaw and want their own social agreement

On June 9, a demonstration of trade unions of the energy sector is to take place in Warsaw under the slogan “nothing about energy without energy engineers”. Trade unions in the energy sector will demand a social contract similar to that in the mining sector.

The National Energy Section of NSZZ Solidarność, which intends to join the campaign, wants to establish a negotiating team, present a specific project for changes in the energy sector, provide EU funds for investments, guarantee employment and decent work, and maintain its current level.