Polish Briefing 16 October, 2017 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: There will be last chance talks on climate policy reform. Poland fights for concessions

What goes on in Poland on the 16th of October.

Negotiations on climate policy reform. Taurus: Business wants predictability

On 10-11th of October, representatives of four energy companies gathered in PKEE (Polish Committee of Electric Energy) in Brussels carried out a series of meetings aimed to promote the most profitable solutions for Polish economy.

Talks with MEPs and international energy companies representatives, European industry associations and representatives of the most important media in Europa and presentations of Compass Lexicon report in the European Parliament about capacity market were suppose to present PKEE’s statements on the most profitable regulations and solutions for the economy and arguments for it.

Common and unanimous statements of Polish energy companies gathered in PKEE is doubtlessly a strong and hearable voice and it may influence the final shape of Brussels regulations.

There will be last chance talks on climate policy reform. Poland fights for concessions

An agreement in negotiations between EU states and the European Parliament about EU ETS reform after 2020 couldn’t have been reached. The information has been shared by Estonia that currently holds the Presidency in the European Council.

European Union wanted to reach an agreement in EU ETS reform before the United Nations climate summit this November in Bonn, Germany. Spokesperson of Estonian presidency in European Council said that a lack of agreement makes a next negotiations found necessary.

.- We wanted clearness and predictability of rules, especially that initiation of Market Stabilization Reserves are coming up – says Julia Michalak, director of EU IETA policy – Reforms process must eventually bring stability and ensure more trust towards long-term EU emissions and CO2 rights trade – she stressed.