Polish Briefing 18 April, 2018 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: You must want to have a common energy policy

What goes on in Poland on the 18th of April.

Kowal: To have a common EU energy policy, you must want to

Dr. Paweł Kowal from the Institute of Political Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences gave a speech at the 3rd National Science Conference: “Energy policy. Pillars and the prospect of development “. He talked about what European integration brings to energy security.

The Eastern Partnership program contributed to this discussion. – In the first documents, one of the four pillars was energy policy – he said. Kowal reminded that Poland’s foreign policy was lost in the fight against the Nord Stream 1 project. However, this was an argument for changing something in the functioning of the European Union so that it would be possible to defend against such projects.

According to Kowal the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin was the botcher of the common energy policy. The aggression in Georgia has fueled the development of the Eastern Partnership, and the crisis in Ukraine – the Energy Union. – Of course, there were more reasons. The desire to harmonize everything in the EU should be imposed on the history of the Union in 2003-2007. This is the time of an ambitious European policy and the belief that the Community is on the right course – the scientist reminded.

Gryglas: Energy strategy up to the middle of the year with windmills

According to deputy Zbigniew Gryglas, the draft Poland’s energy strategy may be published by the middle of this year.

– I expect that in the middle of the year the Ministry of Energy will present a draft energy mix. I assure you there will be an important place for offshore – said Zbigniew Gryglas, the chairman of the parliamentary team for offshore wind energy at the All-Poland Energy Summit in Gdansk.

– In our energy mix there is a place for both the atom and the sea wind energy – convinced the politician.