Polish Briefing 6 November, 2020 9:45 am   
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Polish Briefing: ZE PAK is going green

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What goes on in Poland on the 6th of November.

ZE PAK is going green

The supervisory board of ZE PAK decided to appoint Piotr Woźny as the president of the management board. Andrzej Janiszowski was also appointed to the board. Paweł Markowski and Paweł Lisowski, who resigned from sitting on the company’s management board, remain in the ZE PAK Group and will continue to perform functions on the boards of subsidiaries.

The decision of the supervisory board to appoint Piotr Woźny – as president and Andrzej Janiszowski as vice-president of ZE PAK, is related to the strategy directions adopted at the beginning of October, the aim of which is to transform ZE PAK into an energy producer based on RES (renewable energy sources). – My goal as the President of the Management Board will be to lead the PAK Group towards the production of environmentally neutral energy as quickly and efficiently as possible. Andrzej Janiszowski, with extensive experience in the field of energy, which he gained, among others at PGNiG and the most important consulting companies such as EY or Deloitte, will be a significant strengthening for the transformation of the entire PAK Group – said Piotr Woźny, CEO of ZE PAK.

The main assumption of the strategy directions is the gradual phasing out of energy production from lignite, which in the baseline scenario is to be completed by 2030. – In the coming years, ZE PAK will generate more and more energy from renewable energy sources, and after the end of coal mining, only green energy will be produced. The date of ending the production of energy from coal is not accidental, the Company intends to fit into the final dates of generating energy from coal set out in the Paris Agreement. Such action of ZE PAK will significantly contribute to the climate neutrality of Greater Poland- we read in the release.

– One of the most important challenges related to the ZE PAK strategy is the social issue. We want to act responsibly here, so that the transformation is a socially fair process for the company itself, its employees and the region’s inhabitants. We hope that the effective implementation of our plans will set PAK as a model to follow for other European coal regions – adds Piotr Woźny.

Paweł Markowski and Paweł Lisowski remain in the PAK Group and will continue their work on the boards of subsidiaries, including KWB Konin and KWB Adamów. Henryk Sobierajski, who also resigned from the management board of ZE PAK, will continue to be present in the energy part of the Zygmunt Solorz capital group.