Polish Briefing 19 November, 2019 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: Discussion at the Polish-US Nuclear Industry Forum

What goes on in Poland on the 19th of November.

Poland is developing energy cooperation with the United States. One of its elements may be the implementation of the project of the first nuclear power plant. The construction of such a unit is to contribute to the provision of stable energy sources and help in achieving the objectives of climate policy – emphasized the participants of the Polish-US Nuclear Industry Forum taking place in Warsaw.

The nuclear is an element of Polish strategy

Over a year ago, we began a formal dialogue with the United States on energy cooperation. Since then, we have quite a lot of meetings and discussions at various levels: technical, practical and political. We signed a memorandum on civil cooperation in the field of civilian use of nuclear energy – said Piotr Naimski, government plenipotentiary for strategic energy infrastructure.

He noted that nuclear power is part of the Polish energy strategy. – We want to have nuclear technology in the Polish energy mix. This is needed because we need to meet EU CO2 emissions requirements – he added.

The US offers help to Poland

– Since I came to Poland, one of my goals is to ensure energy security . We have made significant progress in this direction. This is the result of hard work not only of the government but also of the private sector. Over the years of communism, Poland has not been able to develop nuclear power – said Georgette Mosbacher, US ambassador to Poland.

Naimski: We don’t want to experiment with the nuclear

– For many reasons, Poland is a very attractive place for many investors. If large companies have a choice to invest in the Persian Gulf, where new nuclear reactors are being built, but they cannot be started due to unrest, they would prefer to choose Poland, which is in NATO and the European Union, and a stable location favors long-term commitment. We, in turn, are looking for a partner who will join us in this project on the basis of full commitment, from beginning to end. A joint company would be created with the participation of Poland and its partner. We want this partner to have proven technology that will meet the most sophisticated security standards. When creating the program for nuclear energy, we wanted all reactors to be built in one technology. We don’t want to experiment – said Piotr Naimski in an interview with journalists.

– In terms of regulation, we are at a fairly good level. The National Atomic Energy Agency has a good legal environment, but for this entire project this institution will have to be expanded. At the moment, it is not important to whom this institution will be subject. A new administrative and formal reality is currently being shaped – said Piotr Naimski.