Energy 10 November, 2017 4:00 pm   
Editorial staff

Revolution in energy markets connection. Poland is not in the last places anymore

European Commission’s expert group is proposing a new approach towards markets connection. It shows that Poland is not doing as bad as it was suggested before when it comes to the interconnections capacity building.

Most importantly, before considering new interconnections the utilization of existing infrastructure should be improved.

The group consists of 15 leading energy market experts from European industry organizations, including an expert from Polish Electricity Association, NGOs and universities. A work titled „Balanced and integrated electricity networks of Europe” reports that a new approach to goals of markets integration should take societal welfare into consideration. The previous approach assumed a blind striving to building as many electricity interconnections as possible and a goal to lift the level of networking up to 15 per cent in 2030.

The previous approach assuming the level of networking without any other relations made Poland take the last places in the qualification. Now, Poland is noticeably moving forward in the rank, e.g. ahead of Germany which has a significant cogeneration with renewables, but not enough energy interconnections and drops off the podium to further positions.

Polish authorities can be though worried by a suggestion, to engage all possible entities on an initial stage of any transnational investments. It creates a risk that constructions may be sabotaged, like in case of national electricity or gas connections in Poland observed in the years 2015-2017