GAS 29 May, 2019 3:00 pm   
Editorial staff

Former German Vice-Chancellor at Gazprom’s lobbyist congress

Former German Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, who announced his political retirement, will open the International Business Congress in Bonn. This is Gazprom’s lobbying organization described by

On the first day of the twenty-second IBC general meeting scheduled for 30 May this year, the first speaker will be Gazprom chairman Alexei Miller, followed by Sigmar Gabriel. There will also be a choice of new authorities. The president of Uniper Klaus Schaefer will resign from the post of vice-president of IBC, and Rainer Seele, president of OMV, may be elected in his place. Both companies are financial partners of the contested Nord Stream 2 project. Representatives of Siemens, GE Russia and Schneider Electric, Total and Uniper are in the presiding committee.

The role of IBC has been described in in 2015. It is a forum for integrating the energy sectors of Russia and Western countries.

Wojciech Jakóbik