Energy 1 September, 2023 7:30 am   
COMMENTS: Jacek Perzyński

State Assets Ministry says energy policy does not provide for speeding up coal phase-out

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“With regard to press publications concerning the updated strategy of the PGE Group, we inform that the energy policy of the Polish government implemented by the Ministry of State Assets does not assume an acceleration of the transition from coal,” the Ministry said in a statement.

Yesterday, Polska Grupa Energetyczna presented an update to its strategy, which assumes a faster transition away from coal and an increase in the capacity of RES. The new plan until 2030 assumes that the total investment in the years 2024-2030 will amount to more than PLN 125 billion. Investments under the strategy will focus on decarbonisation and electrification. The Group’s aspiration is to achieve absolute zero emissions in 2040 by expanding its portfolio of renewable energy installations, developing a zero-emission professional energy sector and decarbonising the heating sector.

As indicated, in accordance with the current social agreement on the transformation of the mining sector, the deadlines for tending the extraction of hard coal in individual mines in the perspective of the end of 2049 have been set. Coal is a transitional fuel during the energy transition.

“The stable functioning of the coal sector will be ensured by the emerging National Energy Security Agency. The Ministry of State Assets expects that the assumptions of the government’s energy policy will be implemented in practice by all energy companies with the participation of the state treasury, which will also be reflected in their strategies and investment activities.

Ministry Of State Assets / Jacek Perzyński