Polish Briefing 6 June, 2019 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: The strategy for heating industry is underway

What goes on in Poland on the 6th of June.

Leszczyński: Petrochemistry PKN Orlen goes towards product specialization

– The future of chemistry and petrochemistry will be the specialization of high-margin products tailored to customer needs. Investments in the development of petrochemicals worth PLN 8 billion are the answer to these challenges – said the board member of PKN Orlen Zbigniew Leszczyński during the Congress of Polish Chemistry 2019. is the media patron of this event.

– The future of petrochemicals will be products tailored to the customer’s needs, often specialized. Hence, a petrochemical development program worth PLN 8 billion, or a research and development center. Another direction beyond product specialization is also digitalization – said the representative of PKN Orlen.

If it comes to refineries, biocomponents for petrochemical production are the future. – We still do not have products that allow us to compete globally. We hope that our science center will allow us to obtain patents and manufacture high margin products – said Leszczynski.

He also emphasized that Orlen recognizes ecological trends and goes in their direction, as exemplified by the installation producing green glycol in Orlen Południe, as well as offshore wind farms, which may help in the production of hydrogen.

Leszczyński added that the chemical segment will be dominated by the production of polymers that will surround us, and for the needs of the production of chemistry, Orlen completes the modernization in Możejki and the polymer production line in Czech Unipetrol.

Tchórzewski: The strategy for heating industry is underway

The Ministry of Energy is working on a strategy for heating industry, which is to help achieve the objectives included in the energy strategy – said the Minister of Energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski during the 1st Cogeneration Congress. The portal is the media patron of the event.

– This is a serious document that we must prepare well and publicize well. In various parts of Europe, the role of heating industry is perceived differently – said Tchórzewski. He added that if the government adopts a strategy for heating indsutry, it will become an instrument to fulfill certain obligations that will result from the energy strategy.

– In order the law on co-generation could come into force, several regulations are needed. Consultations on its content are underway, we analyze the comments sent. Some of them are to be published in the first half of June – said the energy minister.