GAS LNG 30 January, 2019 10:00 am   
Editorial staff

50th delivery arrived in the Świnoujście LNG Terminal

50 vessels delivered liquefied natural gas to the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście (counting from the first delivery in December 2015). Over 4,000 tank trucks were loaded at the terminal. 9,6 million m3 – this volume of LNG was delivered to the terminal by 49 methane carriers to date. Nearly 130,000 m3 – this volume of LNG will be delivered by the with the latest 50th delivery.

Polskie LNG has obtained a set of environmental and location decisions for all projects implemented under the LNG Terminal Expansion Program.

Meanwhile, two tender procedures are in progress. The objective of the first procedure – announced in December 2018 (the deadline for submitting the offers was extended until 19 February) – is the selection of the contractor for three key components of the onshore expansion program:

– Additional regasification installation – increasing the nominal regasification capacity of the terminal to 7.5 billion Nm3/year.
– Third LNG process storage tank – increasing the operational flexibility of the LNG terminal installation and ensuring the optimum natural gas process storage capacity.
– LNG-to-Rail transhipment installation – extending the range of services provided with the possibility of natural gas transhipment onto ISO containers and rail tankers and thus reaching new prospective customers.

The tender process includes signing the contract with the selected Contractor by the end of 2019. Reaching the target capacity of 7.5 billion Nm3/year is planned in 2021. The other two projects are scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2023. The LNG Terminal Expansion Program is to be implemented under the “design and build” formula.

The second tender procedure (launched on 2 January 2019) pertains to the offshore development of the facility, i.e. the construction of an additional jetty. The latter project is implemented in collaboration with the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority. In that tender procedure, the offers are due by 26 February.

The new jetty will enable the provision of new crucial services at the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście, including methane carriers loading and unloading, LNG transhipment and loading LNG bunkers, as well as bunkering service. These services follow the recent trend in Small Scale LNG (SSLNG).

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