Alerts Energy pgnig 9 May, 2024 7:30 am   

Talks about fuel depots in Poland for Ukraine

zbiorniki pern New tanks at the fuel base in Dębogórze. Source: PERN

PERN is talking about commercial cooperation with Ukraine in the construction of a fuel storage facility for its needs in Poland.

“When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, we provided humanitarian aid to the fuel sector. The Zawadówka base is ready for loading in the direction of Ukraine. If the situation allows the volume will increase. We hope that Ukraine will rebuild,” said Daniel Świętochowski, director of sales at PERN.

“Ultimately, we want to import 6 million cubic meters of fuel via the Dębogórze depot. We need redundancy,” Świętochowski said. He recalled that Ukraine needs strategic reserves of 2 million cubic meters. He confirmed that talks are ongoing about the commercial construction of depots for its needs in Poland.

PERN is an operator of oil pipelines and fuel bases in Poland.

Wojciech Jakóbik