Alerts Energy GAS LNG 27 April, 2022 4:30 pm   
Editorial staff

Talks on additional LNG supplies via Poland and Lithuania to Ukraine are underway


Ukraine LNG Terminal company might acquire a gas deal with American companies to transport liquified natural gas through Lithuania and Poland to Ukrainian soil. The talks are ongoing.

Gas Interconnection Poland-Lithuania is to be started in May and provide Poland with capacity of 2 bcm annual imports from LNG terminal in Klaipeda. This route could serve LNG deliveries to Poland but also to increase reexport through Poland and existing interconnections with Ukraine.

According to information there is a possibility to import two LNG cargos a month for 70 mln tonnes each and there are talks to make that happen. There could be some help from European Commission which provides Ukraine with financial aid, including for the sake of security of supply.

Ukrainian gas market is already integrated into European Union however Russian invasion in Ukraine made Kyiv forbid gas exports but in the same time had increased a need for deliveries from European Union in case of supplies cutoff.

Jędrzej Stachura/Wojciech Jakóbik