Coal Energy 28 September, 2018 10:00 am   

Tchórzewski: There will be no industry without energy

The ceremony of “Polish Energy in 100th Anniversary of Independence” organized by the Polish Electricity Association (PKEE) was opened by the speech of the minister of energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski. He said that the power industry is an essential driving force of the economy, and the power industry, although they remain in the shadow, are at the disposal of citizens, who are increasingly lacking in energy supplies.

Energy in the economy

The head of the energy ministry spoke about the role of energy during the Partitions and the Warsaw Uprising. – Since then, there was no possibility that there would be an industry without an energy sector: without gas, oil, coal, copper and the mining industry. Suddenly, it turned out that there is a revolution associated with the discovery of electrons and electric current, the distillation of oil by Ignacy Łukaszewicz – the minister said. He mentioned that the first street was lit with oil fuel thanks to this researcher in Lviv.

– Along with the technological revolution, this small group of several hundred people, who is in the hall, represents the whole sector of the economy, without which virtually nothing would happen. We are in the most difficult situation, because we have to think and plan the longest in the future – he said referring to forecasts announcing an increase in energy demand in Poland. He spoke about the need to ensure security of supply and diversification.

– We can complement each other, not compete on the market – he said about the cooperation of the coal, gas and other energy sectors. He estimated that thanks to aggregates and intervention energy supplies this year, it was possible to avoid serious faults in the power grid.

People from the shadow

– We, people from energy, are people from the shadows. When we go with our needs, others look at us with reluctance – said Krzysztof Tchorzewski. – When it’s good, it is said that we want too much. When it’s bad, we are needed – he was joking.

He reminded that the power industry must undergo constant technological modernization to respond to new challenges. – We’re somehow managing it all – he concluded. – It’s service for the society. This will happen on the orders of our citizens that they would have a good time so that they could watch TV and have gas – he calculated.

– The greatest treasure is people who want to work in this profession – said Tchórzewski. – If you look at history, it turns out that we are an industry that sets the tone of innovation and always develops dynamically – Tchórzewski argued. He said that in the energy sector there will be jobs for university graduates like the Warsaw University of Technology, in whose main building the event was held.