Alerts Energy SECURITY 8 March, 2024 7:30 am   

The Chinese have a discount and a view of NATO war harbor in Gdynia

Port-Zewnetrzny-Gdynia The Outer Port of Gdynia. Picture by Port of Gdynia.

According to the Chinese operator of the terminal at the Port of Gdynia pays “grossly low” fees for perpetual usufruct, and in return gets an insight into the neighboring NATO port.

“The Chinese company operating the GCT terminal pays PLN 294,000 per year for perpetual usufruct (exactly PLN 294,468), a spokeswoman for the city of Gdynia told us. In total, since the acquisition of land 20 years ago, the Chinese have paid less than 6 million PLN (exactly 5 834 502),” reports. “This amount is grossly low. As we have determined, the annual state budget may have suffered a loss of up to PLN 30 million. Such rates apply to other operators. The area, as we have repeatedly written about, fell into the hands of the Chinese thanks to the acquisition of the company of the failing Gdynia Shipyard.

“Gdynia is not only a commercial port, but also the main military port of the Polish army and one of the most important NATO ports in the Baltic. And since the Baltic is already almost the “inner sea of NATO”, China’s activity is of concern to the North Atlantic alliance, as well as to the European Union. Especially in view of the Chinese Logink logistics platform installed in ports,” warns “It allows you to obtain information not only about the movements of ships, but also the goods transported by them,” the portal writes. Wojciech Jakóbik