Energy 6 September, 2023 7:35 am   

The LNG terminal is growing, the Border Guard is getting cozy, and the hybrid war is escalating.

Operacja-Morskiego-Oddzialu-Strazy-Granicznej Operation of the Marine Division of the Border Guard. Picture by the Border Patrol.

Poland is expanding the LNG terminal in Świnoujście and strengthening its security through the constant presence of the Border Guard, as Russia’s hybrid war in the energy sector is intensifying.

“The third tank will be closed off in October,” said the President of Gaz-System Marcin Chludziński at a meeting with journalists during the Economic Forum in Krynica. “Thanks to it we will be able to collect more gas and transmit it later on. First of all, it gives us one and a half billion cubic meters more. We have 6.5 bcm but we will have 8.1 billion cubic meters every year,” he recalled. The President of Gaz-System added that the loading arms are being mounted on the second jetty. It will enable docking and loading the LNG for fuelling the ships.

The LNG terminal has also beefed up on security by imposing an 200 m exclusion zone around the facility and invited the Border Guard to stay for good. “From September 20, the Border Guard will be constantly present at the gas port, not only during unloading. It will be with us permanently at the temporary base. We are in the process of obtaining a permit for the construction of a new watchtower,” explained the President of Gaz-System.

“Protecting different types of critical infrastructure, including industrial and transmission facilities, is an obligation. We are constantly diversifying. We guarantee the protection and construction of alternative sources, so that in case of an adverse event we will not be in a dramatic situation,” explained minister Anna Łukaszewska-Trzeciakowska. “This winter may be difficult because of the desperation of Putin’s satrapy. Hybrid actions are visible more and more often,” the plenipotentiary explained in Karpacz.

Wojciech Jakóbik