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The Visegrad Group agrees on almost everything

V4 Source: Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Prime Ministers from the Visegrad Group met in Prague. The members held the same position on certain issues such as the European Green Deal, but also voiced their differences, for example, on assistance to Ukraine.

At the conference following the meeting of the Prime Ministers of the Visegrad Group, the politicians presented the position of both the Group and the individual member states. Czech Prime Minister Petra Fiali stressed that all countries agreed on the fact that Russian aggression violated international law and on assistance to Ukraine, but differ on its content. Poland and the Czech Republic want to support the invaded country both with military assistance, through the provision of military equipment, and with non-military assistance, for example, humanitarian aid. Slovakia and Hungary refuse to provide military equipment to Ukraine, but declare humanitarian support.

“Our position is clear, we do not send weapons to Ukraine. We do not send troops, but we are able to provide all kinds of humanitarian assistance. We also train doctors on the front lines. We help refugees to rebuild Ukrainian infrastructure,” Victor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary said.

“If you think about who will win this war, the war will go on forever. It doesn’t matter who wins, it’s important that there is peace. This is Hungary’s position,” he added.

“We must support Ukraine in every way, including militarily. So that it would be able to defend itself against Russian aggression,” said Prime Minister Fiali.

The Czech politician also said that in his opinion, Europe should increase its assistance in the supply of ammunition to Ukraine.

The prime ministers presented a common position on the European Green Deal. In Brussels, they will demand a change in strategy.

“We will work on the issue of free trade with Ukraine. As you know, I am very committed to helping Ukraine, but we must take care of the interests of large social groups and our economies. We have a common view, we need to work in Brussels so that assistance to Ukraine is not tantamount to losses for our economies, especially for agriculture,” declared Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

“The environmental and climate objectives of the European Green Deal are unquestionable, but some of its chapters, for example on European agriculture, are difficult to pursue. Especially by small and medium-sized farmers,” he added.

“There will be no European Green deal without nuclear energy,” Orban said.

The Polish Prime Minister noted that European standards for food production are high. However, products from Ukraine don’t have to meet them. Tusk said that in Brussels the Group will ask about the possibility of buying surplus European grain.

All the countries of the Visegrad Group are in favor of the development of nuclear energy.

Prime Minister’s Office / Marcin Karwowski