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Tusk wants to audit the NPP location in Pomerania

1211a Donald Tusk. Source: Flickr

Poland’s Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk announced a “quick audit” on whether locating the NPP in Pomerania is reasonable.

The project to build a nuclear power plant in Lubiatowo-Kopalino is to be audited by the government. “There will certainly be a heated discussion for a while as to whether the location is the most optimal, but professionals must have a voice here. If it turns out that there is no other option and the area of Choczewo is the most suitable location, then we will continue the investment. For now, we are doing a quick audit and checking whether this location is optimal,” Prime Minister Tusk announced at a conference after a government meeting.

The Lubiatowo-Kopalino location has already received the environmental and location decision. Polish Nuclear Power Plants, Bechtel and Westinghouse also have an agreement to design a power plant at this location. The first reactor is to be ready in 2033 and by 2043 the capacity would reach 6-7 GW.

Polish Press Agency / Wojciech Jakóbik