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USA: Poland can have one reactor per year, i.e. a ready power plant in 2037

atomówka Nuclear power plant. Picture by Freepik

The U.S. embassy says U.S. companies can build one reactor a year in Pomerania. This means that the entire plant can be ready as planned in 2037, even with a delayed reactor in 2035.

The American Embassy in Warsaw has stressed that the companies that have partnered up to build Poland’s first NPP are capable of building one reactor per year.

“American companies are able to build in Poland at a specified pace, one reactor per year,” said Robert Rudich, DOE Office Director and Energy Attaché at U.S. Embassy in Poland.

Poland wants to build its first nuclear power plant in the municipality of Choczewo in Pomerania. The facility is to be built by American companies Westinghouse and Bechtel in cooperation with Polish Nuclear Power Plants (PEJ). The project will use the AP1000 reactor. According to the original plans, the construction of the power plant was to begin in 2026, and the first reactor to be launched in 2033. In recent months, the government has announced a two-year extension. In 2028, concrete is to be poured, and the first reactor is to be built in 2035.

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