Polish Briefing 25 January, 2018 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: USA shares Poland’s fears of Nord Stream 2 in Davos

What goes on in Poland on the 25th of January.

Morawiecki: USA shares Poland’s fears of Nord Stream 2

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki met Rick Perry, the American secretary of energy. After the meeting, head of Polish government stated that Washington shares Warsaw’s opinion about building the controversial pipeline Nord Stream 2.

.- We talked about many issues, we also mentioned Nord Stream 2. United States also think that further monopolization of gas supplies to Europe may not only decrease Europe’s competitiveness, but also lead to further dependence on Russia. Cutting Ukraine out of transmission system or a possibility of eliminating it from gas transition to Europe may cause serious turbulences for its security – said Mateusz Morawiecki.

As the head of Polish government pointed out, Poland is leading wide conversations about applying the third energy package to gas directive. – We will need a coalition of countries. Many of them have a similar opinion, but this subject is not easy as Russia co-ordinated its interests with Russia and their coalition is very strong – he stressed.

Nord Stream 2 and Ukraine at Davos 2018

World Economic Forum in Swiss Davos will take place between th 23rd and 26th January. Subject of the controversial pipeline Nord Stream 2 is going to appear in the backstage.

Russia’s minister of energy Alexander Novak will take part in a summit. He informed the media that his meeting with the Vice-President of the European Commission for Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič will take place on the 24th of January. The first subject of conversation is going to be construction of new pipelines, including Nord Stream 2 from Russia to Germany, criticized by the Commission. Another topic is going to be gas deliveries to Ukraine.

– I confirmed that we made an appointment in Davos. We are going to talk about certain EU- and Russia-related issues that are in Šefčovič’s competences. It is about energy, infrastructure, electro-energy synchronization and building new pipelines – counted Novak quoted by RIA.

Šefčovič is going to meet the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and US secretary of energy Rick Perry.