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Zawistowski: The exchange alliance between Poland and Ukraine is part of a bigger plan (INTERVIEW)

Zdjecie-WhatsApp-2023-09-06-o-15.27.29 Piotr Zawistowski. Picture by TGE.

The Polish Power Exchange (TGE) has established cooperation with its Ukrainian counterpart UEEX – strengthening the ties between the Polish and Ukrainian exchanges is one of the key elements of the SEEGAS project initiated by the Energy Community -explains TGE President Piotr Zawistowski in an interview with How did TGE support changes in the Ukrainian gas market, was it happening before the invasion?

Piotr Zawistowski: Before the invasion, the entities operating on the Ukrainian gas market began to reform their market, of course, consulting on certain issues with TGE. However, the main burden of the changes and related work was on the Ukrainian side, which benefited from the extensive assistance of experts from EU countries and external advisers. At the time, TGE was not responsible for the organization of the gas market in Ukraine.

What are the prospects for cooperation between the Polish and Ukrainian exchanges?

The signed agreement provides for, among others, the appointment of a representative of TGE to the board of advisors of the UEEX exchange. In addition, all actions taken will be carried out bilaterally, i.e. in working teams. The Team for Clearing will work on launching clearing services for the markets run by UEEX. The team for Cooperation will focus on designing solutions for developing exchange products for commodity markets in Ukraine.

It should be emphasized that the strengthening of cooperation between the Polish and Ukrainian exchanges is one of the key elements of the SEEGAS project initiated by the Energy Community.

What are the consequences of combining the gas markets of Poland and Ukraine from the point of view of TGE customers?

At this point, it is too early to point out any consequences of market coupling, either in terms of benefits or challenges for its participants. Certainly, the basis of cooperation is to work out the most advantageous variant both from the point of view of exchanges and in particular from the point of view of market participants. It should not be forgotten that one of the key issues in this regard will be the approach of transmission system operators, both Polish and Ukrainian.

It should be mentioned that TGE has been actively involved in the process of integrating energy markets in Europe for more than 10 years. TGE will share its experience and knowledge, not only in this regard, but also in the field of introducing solutions tailored to the needs of participants with the UEEX.

Interview by Wojciech Jakóbik