Polish Briefing 3 July, 2020 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: “RES should be the flywheel of Polish economy”

What goes on in Poland on the 3rd of July.

Zyska: RES should be the flywheel of Polish economy

– We should use the historic opportunity associated with the European Green Deal policy. The Polish economy should move to the RES track, which may be its flywheel – said Deputy Minister Ireneusz Zyska during the National Energy Summit 2020 in Gdańsk. is a partner of the event.

Ireneusz Zyska, deputy minister of climate and government plenipotentiary for renewable energy, said that the goal of Poland’s climate neutrality by 2050 will be difficult to achieve. – However, it is difficult to contest the ambitions of our EU partners. If the conditions allow them, we cannot counteract this – he noted.

Zyska responded to the appeal of the Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of State Assets Zbigniew Gryglas for the adoption of the energy strategy, i.e. the Polish Energy Policy until 2040, waiting for the approval of the government as soon as possible.

– First of all, it is a bad practice when the minister, undersecretary of state, instructs and criticizes publicly another minister of the same government, in this case the minister of climate. The format of committees of the Council of Ministers and inter-ministerial teams serves for discussion within the government. Secondly, I think it is rude to criticize Minister Tchórzewski, former energy minister and author of the energy strategy, when he is not involved in the discussion and cannot answer the charges. Third, the climate ministry, after the takeover in March this year on the basis of the departmental act from the Ministry of State Assets responsibility the energy department, works on the PEP2040 project – says Deputy Minister of Climate Ireneusz Zyska.