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COMMENTS: Joanna Słowińska

A Russian eco-racist sect conquers German back country

germany-flag-1398668_960_720 Flag Of Germany. Picture by Wikimedia Commons

The movement “Anastasia”, a sect originating in Russia, is popular in Germany and Austria. In recent years, about 20 settlements belonging to a group with anti-Semitic and anti-democratic ideology have been established in Germany.

“The Anastasia movement was founded on the novels by Russian writer Vladimir Megre. Anastasia is a young woman living in the Russian Taiga as a hermit. The character is disillusioned with the modern world and returns to a life in nature. Following the example of Anastasia, the members of the sect establish self-sufficient settlements in the form of villages, where they grow food and exclude from life all the material and intangible achievements of the modern world. There are at least four such villages in Brandenburg itself, the largest of which is called “The Golden Hornbeam” in Ostprignitz-Ruppin. The settlers are said to own more than 80 hectares of land there,” writes the German RND.

In Germany, not only sociologists, but also, increasingly, security agencies are warning about the sect. The German police began to inform citizens about the ideological background of this movement. “The sect proclaims that <the world has been dominated by Jewish priests who have done everything to keep society in the dark. They also used modern media for this>,” according to the police portal polizei-dein-partner.

In Germany, members of the Anastasia movement settle mainly in rural areas, especially in eastern states. Here they are trying to buy cheap land for cultivation and construction. Then they set up family homes and schools. Experts believe that the sect has between 600 and 800 members in the country.

RND / www. polizei-dein-partner. de / Aleksandra Fedorska