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Brodziński: Polish Geological Agency is a mistake (INTERVIEW)

The appointment of the Polish Geological Agency (PAG) at the expense of the Polish Geological Institute (PIG) ​​is a mistake – believes Sławomir Marek Brodziński, former Main Geologist of the Country in 2013-2015. In an interview with the portal, he stated that the belief that PAG will be the guardian of state interests is a confabulation. On the 7th of May, we celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute has passed. Soon, however, it is to be replaced by the Polish Geological Agency. Is this a step in the right direction because PGI employees protest against it?

Sławomir Brodziński PhD, Eng.: This is not the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the PGI, but a funeral banquet of the Institute for its employees, geological Solidarity, people associated with Polish geology and supporters of the justified continuity of the national institutions of the independent state. Usually I do not use such a big words as an engineer (not a politician), but now they come to me. The appointment of PAG at the expense of PIG is a mistake, because the obsolete, communist ideas of the Central Office of Geology return, paradoxically in the version of unrestricted capitalism.

What then will happen to the PGI and its 100-year heritage?

It is obvious that such a “good change” in Polish geology will lead to marginalization of the scientific trend and privatization of this sector, which I have warned many times on this portal as well.

Would PAG really uphold the raw materials policy, the more so because it still is not known what final shape it will take?

The idea that PAG will be the guardian of state interests is confabulation. Justification of my successor as the Chief National Geologist, that the establishment of the Agency is a remedy for such ills as alleged corruption or the problem of costly international arbitrators, is not covered by facts. It will be exactly the opposite! PAG will protect selected business interests in geology, which results from the provisions of the bill.

How long should take works on Polish raw materials? What it depends on?

As for the schedule of implementing the country’s raw materials policy, I would not be excited about this project. These are only intellectual exercises, without translating into executive acts (with PAG or without it). In conclusion, I will express my disappointment. The Minister of the Environment reasonably “matured” the draft Act on PAG. Unfortunately, apparently one domestic flight has launched the current legislative avalanche. I wonder how the Sejm will refer to that issue during its next meeting, because the resistance of reasonable deputies is visible. It is also interesting also, what is the position of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education on the proposed dismantling of the PGI.

Interviewed by Piotr Stępiński