Climate Policy Environment 27 August, 2020 5:01 pm   

Emerging Europe: How to reach the goals of climate policy? (REPORT)

During a panel “Towards a low carbon emerging Europe economy” moderated by Wojciech Jakóbik (Editor-in-Chief of at a conference Emerging Europe and the United States: Towards 2030, panelists discussed the ways of achieving the goals of climate policy.

– Europe was the first continent in the world that declared a fight against climate change, using renewable energy and clean transport. All the efforts are not enough though. They key thing is awareness that this is a big issue for the world. The European Green Deal includes all parts of the economy, but achieving its targets will be difficult. We strongly believe though that investing in renewables will be necessary. This is now the future in the world level – said Carlo Pignoloni, CEO & Country Manager at Enel Romania.

– The revolution in the public transport is already ongoing. It is influenced by the people in local governments due to air pollution and noise. The cost of e-buses is right now more or less the same as the conventional ones. Subsidies will be crucial for electrifying the public transport. We have companies like Volvo and Solaris that are already involved in this process. In private cars, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Izera, it’s a good project in raising awareness. Right now we have a big choice of electric cars. Price is a bottleneck here – said Katarzyna Sobótka-Demianowska, Head of E-mobility at ABB Poland.

– In the financial markets we see a very important trend, which is ESG investment, focused on climate, environment or human rights. There are opinions that it is a fashion that will go away, but I don’t think that. The value of those investment is over 30 trillion dollars worldwide, so this is a huge market. We can’t afford not to ensure that Polish companies adjust to this trend – said Izabela Olszewska, member of the Management Board and CSO at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. – We can only go to zero-emission if people see it as an opportunity for a better life – added Sebastian Jabłoński, CEO at TRMEW Obrót.