Nord Stream 2 SECURITY 13 February, 2019 10:00 am   
COMMENTS: Teresa Wójcik

The Middle East summit was preceded by talks on Nord Stream 2 and Fort Trump

Before the Middle East conference, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke in Warsaw about Nord Stream 2 and the presence of American forces in Poland – writes Teresa Wójcik, editor of

Mike Pompeo will visit five important capitals in Europe from 11 to 15 February. His journey began from Hungary. Slovakia was next. Yesterday evening, the American politician came to Warsaw, where he met the Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz. Tomorrow, the US Secretary of State will take part in the American-Polish Middle East Conference. The other capitals that Pompeo will visit are Brussels and Reykjavik.

The first hours in Warsaw

A visit to the capital of Poland on February 12 began Pompeo with a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs Jacek Czaputowicz, dedicated to energy security. After the talks, a joint press conference took place. The Secretary of State told the media that the US is strongly opposed to the construction of Nord Stream 2. The gas pipeline would give Russia a big advantage in the European gas market – which undermines the competition principle – at the same time ruthlessly making many European countries dependent on Russian gas supplies. Not only in the field of energy. Poland is trying to become independent from the Russian raw material and aims to expand the import of US LNG and crude oil.

Continuing this thread, Minister Czaputowicz stated that Nord Stream 2 does not serve Europe’s energy security. – We believe that this project is not a good one, even harmful to the energy security of Europe.

The Russian gas pipeline, which despite intensive reservations is intensely carried out, will bring one more threat. Namely, “it will provide Russia with enormous financial resources” for armaments and aggressive politics. – Such transactions have some commercial significance, but above all pose a huge threat to security, not only energy, but also political – the US Secretary of State warned at a press conference.

When asked by a journalist about possible sanctions for companies participating in the implementation of Nord Stream 2, the American politician responded – President Trump very clearly said that the US would do everything in their power to ensure Europe’s safety and assurance when it comes to energy decisions.

It is worth recalling that the US warns against introducing sanctions against the European partners of Nord Stream 2, although they have not yet been introduced.

Convergence of foreign policy objectives of Poland and the USA

It should be noted that the promise of Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to which in the years to come Germany will also import LNG from the United States, is empty according to American politicians and experts. In Germany, several terminals and infrastructure should be built for this. And there are no willing German companies, the government also does not have such a plan.

Minister Czaputowicz emphasized that the talks showed the convergence of goals in the foreign policy of Poland and the USA. Above all, when it comes to security issues. – I want to thank the secretary of Pompeo for the service of American soldiers in Poland so far. – said the Polish minister after the meeting. – Thanks to this service, we feel safe in our country. The Secretary of State declared: – NATO is able to oppose any aggressor and every threat. – President Donald Trump is grateful that Poland fulfills its obligations and supports the Alliance according to its capabilities – he added.

Czaputowicz thanked the US Secretary of State for his visit to Warsaw and “constructive talks”. – It confirmed the perfect state of relations between our countries. We discussed the most important issues in bilateral relations and in international politics – emphasized the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. – Talks with Pompeo will continue tomorrow, during a joint visit to the NATO base in which US soldiers are stationed.

The heads of diplomacy of Poland and the United States will chair a conference on peace and security in the Middle East, which will start tomorrow, organized jointly by both countries. The host of the conference will be US Vice President Mike Pence. Pompeo’s stay in Poland will also have the character of an official bilateral visit.

The Financial Times daily reports that the US has “significantly” increased the number of soldiers in Poland. – I believe that Poles will receive most of what they expect – said US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher. It is worth recalling that the Poles raised the postulate of building an American military base, and even suggested the name: Fort Trump.