Coal Energy 27 December, 2023 7:30 am   
COMMENTS: Joanna Słowińska

Mining will get more time to pay its dues

senat-1 Senate of the Republic of Poland Picture by Wikipedia

The Senate Economy Committee has not introduced any amendments to the Law on Suspending the Payment of Obligations of the Bituminous Coal Industry – reports the Polish Press Agency (PAP). The amended bill pertains to PLN 1.82 billion out of which about 820 million is owed by Polska Grupa Górnicza (PGG) as contributions to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) for previous years.

“The Senate Economy Committee did not introduce amendments to the amendment on the functioning of coal mining, extending the period of suspension of repayment of contributions to ZUS and loans from PFR (Polish Development Fund) by PGG, and suspending the payment of advances to the CIT for three coal companies,” PAP reports.

The agency recalls that the amendment affects a total of PLN 1.82 billion, of which approx. 820 million are contributions to ZUS for previous years owed by the Polish Mining Group (PGG). The law extends the deadline for their repayment until the end of 2025. The deadline for repayment of the covid loan from the Polish Development Fund (PFR) has been also extended until the end of 2025.

The permanent suspension of the collection of advances on the CIT tax includes PGG, Tauron Wydobycie and Węglokoks Kraj. According to the justification, the repayment of the due tax in its entirety should take place by the end of the third month of next year, and this solution is to improve the financial liquidity of the companies.

The bill will now go to the Senate’s plenary session.

Polish Press Agency / Jędrzej Stachura