Polish Briefing 18 January, 2018 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: Electromobility is an effective method to fight smog. Poland lost a battle of cadmium

What goes on in Poland on the 18th of January.

Poland lost another battle of cadmium

Council of the European Union’s mandate for trilogue about cadmium regulation will propose a 60 mg/kg limit for fertilizers to be implemented in eight years. Such solution would be harmful for Grupa Azoty.

Poland and several other countries wanted a higher limit, but their coalition has been divided. The proposition will be discussed on the first seating of trilogue on the 25th of January. Polish diplomats point out that two scenarios are now possible: either rejection of any limit (little probable) or implementing 60 mg/kg limit in the next years and 40 in 12 years.

.- 60mg Cd/kg P2O5 is the Council’s proposition for the trilogue. Grupa Azoty holds the view that limiting the level of cadmium below 80 mg Cd/kg P2O5 has no scientific basis – informs Azoty’s spokesman Artur Dziekański. – Available researches show that if contents of cadmium in fertilizers is on the level of 80 mg Cd/kg P2O5, there is no accumulation of this element in the ground. At the same time we accept that Council’s statement is a step to dialogue with European Parliament’s statement and European Commission’s proposition.

The first session of the trilogue will take place on the 25th of January, the next will take place around the 20th of March.

Duda: Electromobility is an effective method to fight smog

The head of state made the statement as he opened a conference on electromobility in the Presidential Palace. In his speech, Andrzej Duda noted that electromobility mattered greatly to Poland as it would be based on domestic energy resources. By contrast, at the moment, over 90 percent of the crude oil in domestically produced fuels – which power Polish vehicles – comes from abroad.

The President pointed out that “with regard to energy, we are able to produce it locally,” so “in this respect, we are self-sufficient.” Another benefit of electromobility is that it means fewer emissions of air-polluting substances, the head of state said, making it an effective method of combating smog. In addition, low-emission technologies could drive the growth of the Polish economy.

– Electric cars entail no emissions – Andrzej Duda underlined -which, in my view, represent a large majority of what really causes smog. – If we shift to electromobility – the President added – we will be able to make the air cleaner, as well as facilitate research and development.