Polish Briefing 2 March, 2018 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: Less and less gas imported to Poland to comes from Russia

What goes on in Poland on the 2nd of March.

PGNiG: Less and less of gas imported to Poland to comes from Russia

In 2015, gas imports to Poland in 90% came from Gazprom, preliminary data for 2017 show that this volume dropped to approx. 70 percent – PGNiG announced on the website. In 2017, PGNiG bought approximately 0,6 billion cubic meters from Gazprom less than in 2016.

PGNiG said that the demand for gas in Poland is less and less satisfied with the import of Russian gas.

“While still in 2015, gas imports to Poland in 90 percent came from Gazprom, preliminary data for 2017 confirm that this volume has dropped to about 70 percent. In 2017, we bought about 0,6 billion cubic meters from Gazprom less than in 2016. These deliveries have been successfully replaced with through the import of LNG liquefied gas – PGNiG announced in a press release on its website.

PGNiG informed that thanks to cold temperatures, this week the daily gas consumption in Poland has the highest levels in history. “According to preliminary data, in the last day PGNiG sold over 78 million cubic meters of gas. For comparison – it corresponds to approximately 2/3 of a single LNG gas load coming to us from Qatar. We estimate that the gas demand of the entire Polish market in the last day exceeded 81 million cubic meters – the PGNiG statement said.

Naftogaz: Gazprom broke the contract. It blocks gas supplies to Ukraine

Naftogaz reports that Russian Gazprom has refused to deliver gas to Ukraine in March, despite the arbitration case being resolved on the delivery contract. The company considers the refusal to supply gas as a violation of law. Prepayments have been made.

– We made prepayments for Russian gas as part of the implementation of the arbitration decision – says the president of Naftogaz, Andriy Kobolew. According to Ukrainians, the Russian side has violated the provisions of the contract. – Gazprom makes it impossible to comply with the arbitration ruling by Naftogaz, which imposes the purchase of a minimum amount of raw material – warns Kobolew. The arbitration court ordered the Ukrainian company to purchase a minimum of 4 billion cubic meters of gas from Gazprom monthly.

Naftogaz appeals to the European partners to reassess the credibility of the Russian partner. – We call on partners in Europe to consider whether it is worth strengthening and such a significant influence of such a partner on the market through the construction of Nord Stream 2 – said Kobolew.