Polish Briefing 30 March, 2021 9:00 am   

Polish Briefing: Poland wants to speed up its nuclear program | Orlen gets a green light for onshore wind farms takeover


What goes in Poland on 30th of March?

Speeding up the nuclear program

The Polish Nuclear Energy Program (PPEJ) schedule is tight, so the government wants to introduce regulations designed to speed up the process.
Poland wants to have its first nuclear reactor in 2033, but it has not yet decided about the location and technological partner.
The government in Warsaw wants to speed up the process by introducing new regulations to the nuclear energy development regulatory framework, the so called investment act. According to the government, the bill was able to only partially achieve the goals of the PPEJ so it needs some crucial adjustments.

Orlen can take over new onshore wind farms

Poland’s biggest fuel utility PKN Orlen got a green light from state antimonopoly body UOKiK to take over three onshore wind farms. Those are localized in Pomerania and their total capacity is 90 MW.

With this takeover, Orlen wants to increase its wind farms installed capacity to 353 MW, making it the fourth player on the market.

Wojciech Jakóbik