Polish Briefing 14 May, 2018 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: Polish companies are not threatened by the US decision on Iran, yet they do regret it

What goes on in Poland on the 14th of May.

Polish companies are not threatened by the US decision on Iran, yet they do regret it

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the decision of the US to withdraw from a nuclear agreement with Iran and reinstate sanctions against that country will not threaten companies from the Polish energy and fuel sector.

– Both the US and the European Union are guided by the same goal – ensuring that the Iranian nuclear program is purely peaceful. We share the opinion of the European Union that the JCPOA agreement (the so-called nuclear agreement – editorial note) has had positive effects, is important for the security of the region and Europe and should be implemented entirely by all sides – the press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided.

– Poland has been in diplomatic relations with Iran for over 540 years. During his stay in New York, Polish MFA Jacek Czaputowicz talked with the MFA of Iran, Mohammed Dżafar Zarif. We are observing the comments of the Iranian authorities with care and we will monitor further developments in this country and in the region – adds the ministry in response to the questions of

– Currently, it is expected that US decisions will have limited impact on the activities of Polish companies that have stopped and significantly reduced their activities in Iran due to ambiguity regarding the future of the agreement and the growing caution of the banking sector towards cooperation with Iran. According to the knowledge currently held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or PGNIG, Orlen did not sign long-term contracts with Iranian suppliers – summarizes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Other Western European companies from France, Spain and Italy are in a different situation. They have contracted substantial amounts of Iranian oil supplies (up to 200,000 barrels per day) and have decided to invest in the mining sector there.

Polish companies may be disappointed with the loss of prospects for signing such contracts. – It’s a pity, because the prospects for cooperation were good – one of the managers tells us.

Polish top diplomat meets with chair of Senior Arctic Officials of the Arctic Council

“Poland follows closely and with great interest the implementation of the Finnish Chairmanship’s priorities at this international forum, which is instrumental for the future of the Arctic,” said Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz during today’s meeting with Finland’s Ambassador for Arctic Aleksi Härkönen.

“Poland has a long-standing, multidisciplinary experience in polar research. Poland was one of the first observer states to declare readiness to cooperate in projects aimed at combatting climate change and strengthening political cooperation,” underscored the minister. The Arctic Council is due to adopt a multiannual strategic plan at the end of Finland’s two-year chairmanship in mid-2019.

The agenda of Ambassador Härkönen’s visit includes the so-called Warsaw Format on 11 May. Poland launched this initiative in 2010 to ensure an active and broad debate between the representatives of all 13 observer states of the Arctic Council and the European Union with the Council’s current chairmanship.