Polish Briefing 26 March, 2018 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: Synchronization will lead via Poland. Update of the nuclear program “almost ready”

What goes on in Poland on the 26th of March.

Synchronization will lead via Poland

Poland and the Baltic countries have agreed that the synchronization of the network of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will be constructed until 2025 using the existing connection with the Polish territory – LitPol Link. The agreement between the prime ministers of the Baltic states and Poland on the synchronization of power grids with the continental European networks included on Thursday is Lithuania’s political victory – convinced Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaite.

In a joint statement published after the meeting with the President of the European Commission Jean-Claud Juncker, the undertaking was stressed that by 2025 the synchronization process will be completed using the connection with Poland.

– The agreement and decision on the number of connections will be made after technical analysis and testing. The most important thing is that a political decision has been made that the Baltic states will synchronize with the help of Poland, “said Grybauskaite.

In her opinion, the agreement is the achievement of all countries in the region because it will ultimately provide energy independence, significantly lower energy prices and increase the country’s security. According to the Lithuanian president, this agreement will allow for applying for funds to finance this project as part of the current financial perspective.

– In June, we should sign a contract to be able to apply for funds from the current financial perspective in October. This is very important – said Grybauskaite.

Ministry of Energy: The update of the Polish nuclear program is “almost ready”

The Ministry of Energy practically finalized works on the update of the Polish nuclear power program (PPEJ), and in order to ensure an appropriate level of coordination at the minister of energy, an interministerial working group for the program will be created, the ministry said.

“The Ministry of Energy is actively involved in the development of nuclear energy in Poland in an effective manner and with the highest standards of safety. The works on the update of the Polish nuclear power program, including the assumptions regarding the effective investment financing model and the tender procedure, have been finalized. The result of these works will be the current strategy of running a nuclear program, corresponding to the reality and our abilities. The activities of the program will be based on realistic premises, well prepared, implemented in a well-thought-out manner and after necessary reconciliation with the investor, “reads the position of the Ministry of Energy in response to requests published by the Supreme Audit Chamber (NIK).

As part of the program update, the Ministry prepared an updated schedule for the implementation of the program, assessed the economic and financial model proposed by the investor as well as its own analyzes and assessments to ensure the profitability of investment and operation of the nuclear power plant.